BB’s Bricks is the trusted name in Michigan for home repairs. Even if you don’t see your repair service below, give us a call. If we can’t complete the job for you, we can always connect you to someone who can.

And remember, at BB’s Bricks, all construction is a conversation. We’ll never leave you out of the process when we plan our approach to your repair job. We don’t lowball or upsell, we work with homeowners to create actual solutions that work well for their unique situation, budget, and home. As a team, we are committed to doing the right job well. We repair correctly and on the first go around. As a homeowner, you can rest assure that you are in the best hands. 

Mailbox Repairs

A brick mailbox can be a powerful addition to your home’s appearance, when it’s functioning correctly! But no one likes the look of a mailbox that’s leaning over or crumbling. A faulty brick mailbox sends a message of laziness, neglect, and poor craftsmanship. But if you’re having issues with your mailbox, you certainly aren’t stuck. The team at BB’s Bricks can transform your current brick mailbox into an amazing addition to your home. Call us today to begin the process.

Chimney Repairs

Whether due to the passage of time or simply due to poor craftsmanship, chimneys – while beautiful – can present problems for homeowners. When not cared for correctly, a faulty chimney can be more than an eye-sore. Broken bricks and cracked mortar joints aren’t just unsightly, they can be dangerous! Lose brickwork can easily lead to bricks crumbling and falling and open mortar can allow water and other elements to come into your home and damage interior construction. At BB’s Bricks, we offer true solutions to these problems with hands-on construction done right. We will repair your chimney with integrity to make sure that you don’t have issues going forward. Best of all, we’ll make sure to work with you so that you understand how and why we’re doing the work we do. No hidden costs, just high-quality repair work you can count on. Call us today to find out if we can repair your chimney.

Porch Patio Repairs

For family and friends, guests and potential buyers, the front porch gives your home’s first impression. It’s the fixture you use to welcome friends and family. When selling, it’s the very first introduction a potential buyer will get of your house. In that same spirit, a patio is a more than just a finishing touch. Even the most beautifully landscaped backyard is harshly affected by a broken, cracked patio. And uneven, broken patios and porches aren’t just ugly. They can be dangerous to your family and your guests. The good news is this – old, damaged, or poorly constructed patios and porches can be completely repaired, transforming the look of your home in the process!

The qualified team at BB’s Bricks will use our expertise to build you a porch or patio you’re proud to show off. We can restore your porch or patio to its previous condition or even create an entirely new look. As the homeowner, you have the power to decide! From start to finish, we will keep you involved, explaining the processes we will utilize to help you understand exactly what services you’re paying for and why we feel they are necessary. An investment in your home and happiness, patio and porch repair projects make a big impact on your everyday life. With the right craftsperson, these repairs only need to be done once! Call us today to find out what BB’s Bricks can do for your porch or patio.

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