Strong, durable, and absolutely stunning – a brick mailbox is a wonderful addition to any home. However, the installation can be complex. Without true craftsmanship, the results can be less than agreeable.

BB’s Bricks excels in building custom brick mailboxes. We take the time and care necessary to create mailboxes that last for decades alongside your home. From the solid foundation that prevents your mailbox from leaning over time to the building strategy we use to make sure that you don’t face unnecessary repairs, we go above and beyond to create an exceptional product. The mailboxes we build have a high-quality look and feel that lasts season after season.

At BB’s Bricks, we make sure your custom mailbox is exactly that – custom. Made the way you imagine, and built to last for decades. Our thorough process includes a special consolation to ensure your custom mailbox is an aesthetic match to your home.  We partner with you to choose brick that compliments or matches those used in your home, paying attention to unique architectural cues that give your home its special identity. View our suppliers page (link to supplies page here) to explore the possibilities of your new custom brick or stone mailbox. 

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